Team Go Fast Get Fit

Membership: We are a USAT Triathlon registered club with an eclectic mix of age group endurance athletes with varying ability and experience from newbie to Kona qualifiers. We share a common interest in living and promoting a healthy lifestyle, meeting new people, and having fun.
We encourage everyone to come and have fun with us and enjoy the benefits our team has to offer. Races are not limited to triathlons, but include athletes competing in marathons, 1/2 marathons, 5K and 10K sprints, as well as, bike rallies and fundraisers.

Mission: Team Go Fast Get Fit’s mission is to support and encourage a healthy approach to triathlons and training for individuals of all ages and all levels of ability. Through the camaraderie of a club atmosphere, members enjoy training for the purpose of general fitness, as well as personal and team goals. As a group, Team Go Fast Get Fit participates in, as well as promotes, fitness related events and activities throughout the Hudson Valley.

Other club activities:
• Group workouts and training sessions
• Team race support including team tent, van, food, group lodging and cheerleaders
• Social events
• Monthly club meetings and guest speakers
• Interactive website and monthly Newsletter
• Clinics on open water swim, bike run and other triathlon techniques

For More Information Contact:
Scott Rausenberger 845-742-0504

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