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Welcome to Go Fast Get Fit! We are a multisport facility that specializes in endurance sports – running, cycling, and swimming, coaching, and physiological testing.   We are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals through a variety of training programs, equipment, and nutritional supplements!

 Consistency, over time, will create change. It will be a road well worth the travel.



Coach Scott Rausenberger  

Scott is a professional endurance coach certified with USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, US Masters Swimming, USA Track & Field, RRCA, and ITCA. He has competed in various endurance events, half and full marathons, sprint to iron distance triathlons. His love for sports began at an early age and he began to swim competitively at the age of twelve and continued to swim competitively throughout college.

Scott has coached athletes from first timers to iron distance triathletes. Complimenting his race experience, Scott continually educates himself on the newest and most effective methods pertaining to exercise science and multisport. He loves to coach athletes who have a passion for fitness. He enjoys educating them on the best methods of training, healthy living, and staying injury free. His coaching mission is to help athletes of all abilities build confidence and maximize their athletic potential. Like many of us, he balances the challenges of daily life: raising a family, running a business, and trying to maintain a healthy body.


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