Body Composition

Body composition (Body fat percentage) is an essential measure of health and fitness for both athletes and the general population. Tracking your body composition allows you to monitor your fat loss or muscle gain. If your results are not what you expected it may warrant a change in your training and dietary program. Prior to your racing season have you leaned up appropriately? When do you transition from a fat loss program to race preparation? Knowing your body fat percentage will allow you to plan your weekly fat loss target to prepare you for your season

For endurance athletes, there is nothing more detrimental than carrying dead weight. 

If you are considering a weight loss program (fat loss), accurately assessing your fat percentage is the most important measurement you can take. Knowing your body composition body fat percentage and target weight will allow you to set your training calendar accordingly. How often have your heard individuals trying to lose the same twenty pounds for the last twelve months? It’s hard to stick to a plan if there’s no end date. With a modest one pound per week fat loss an individual can hit their target in less than 6 months. Know your numbers and set your plan in action. 

The day of your test:

  • Do not eat or drink within 4 hours of testing.
  • Do not exercise within 12 hours of testing.
  • Do not consume alcohol within 48 hours of testing.
  • Do not use diuretics within 7 days of testing.
  • Do not severely restrict caloric intake within 48 hours of test.
  • Do void your bladder and colon within 30 minutes of testing.


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