VO2 Max Testing

VO2 Max Testing is a rigorous test recommended for athletes and individuals who are very serious about improving their cardiovascular fitness. The VO2 Max is the maximum amount of oxygen the body can consume to create energy, which is directly related to endurance performance.

VO2 Max Testing Protocol
The test will begin with a warm-up on the CompuTrainer. Once the warm-up is complete, a comfortable mask will be placed over your mouth and nose so that information regarding your breathing can be obtained by the metabolic cart. Work on the CompuTrainer will then begin at a low and comfortable wattage, and will increase in wattage at regular intervals. During this time, we will be monitoring the rate in which your body consumes oxygen, as well as your heart rate and rate of perceived exertion (RPE). The level of oxygen consumed will increase as the exercise intensity (wattage on CompuTrainer) increases. After you have reached your peak level of oxygen consumption, a two minute cool-down period will begin to assess how quickly your cardiovascular system recovers. Total time for the test will be about 90 minutes, including time for warm-up, the cycling assessment, and an overview of the results.

Requirements Before Testing
Do not exercise 24 hours before the test.
Do not consume caffeine 3 hours before the test
Do not consume nicotine 3 hours before the test
No thermogenic aids (weight loss products/metabolic enhancers) 24 hours prior to the test.
Do not consume alcohol 24 hours before the test.
Eat a light meal 3 hours prior to the test, or earlier.
Complete a Health History Questionnaire and Informed Consent prior to the test.

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