Swim Stroke Analysis

A video swim analysis is a valuable tool for improving your stroke—it can showcase flaws in technique that may be holding back your speed and efficiency.

Video Swim Stroke Analysis 
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The Swim Stroke Analysis provides a detailed break down of your stroke identifying areas to improve. It is performed with a high definition camera above and under water using different angles footage. The analysis is performed with our specialized motion analysis software to address every mechanical element of your technique.

It Includes:
Pool Session (45 min)
Filming from different angles both: above and under water.
Swim Drill Instruction
Personalized HD video analysis with notes and audible comments regarding stroke mechanics, swimming type and aspects to correct.

Post Swim Session (15min):
Review of video materials and write up
Drill and/or exercise explanation based specific needs identified during the session

You can supplement your swim stroke analysis with our one-on-one swim lessons with Coach Scott.

swim video

Remote Swim Video Analysis – $125

Go Fast Get Fit offers this service if you do not live in the Newburgh area. Simply have a friend shoot a video of you swimming, upload your video and send it to us. Complete instructions are provided, as well as tips for shooting.


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